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WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Minimalist

Descent: The Dog, the Crane & Rain

      WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Descent


WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Refraction One of nature’s most splendid examples of refraction and reflection is the rainbow! Every time I see one I’m amazed by it’s beauty. Both of these photos were… Continue reading

Bird – Pablo Neruda

Visitors at the Beach

This little bird was a funny little fellow, chasing something, must have been little sand crabs that were swinging back and forth on the gentle waves, it seemed like he was doing this… Continue reading

Images From November 1

These are images from a day where the most exciting part was when we went on a submarine ride, I expected something more spectacular, thanks to all the documentaries and animated movies I’ve… Continue reading

Tranquil Hamakua Marsh

The Hamakua Marsh in Kailua, Oahu, and all of the water birds it sustains is so amazingly beautiful. The colors of the marsh and tranquil serenity envelopes you with true peace… – a black winged… Continue reading

Strange Flowers

New unfamiliar flowers of a town I’m just befriending, she’s showing me her pretty little treasures…one day I’ll learn all their names but even then I’m sure they’ll still leave me with the… Continue reading

The black winged stilt (Ae’o)

Reflections on ten minutes of an evening with a black-winged stilt.

The Black-crowned Night Heron (‘Auku‘u) Fishing at Dusk

The ‘Auku‘u or black-crowned night Heron is a stealthy tiger among water birds, it waits along the water’s edge to ambush prey, mostly at dusk and dawn. This was the first time I… Continue reading

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