Do You Belong To The Tribe Of The Gritty Resilient Stoic?

The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall. – Nelson Mandela

Do you belong to the tribe of the gritty, resilient stoic? Are you at a stage where life has dealt you a bad hand or maybe your choices have taken you down a dark path of setbacks and despair. Perhaps there are days when you feel utterly weak and hopeless. But at the core of you remains a nugget of strength and stubborn resilience. You know what your purpose in life is, so you take the punches like a brave warrior and bounce back with your eyes on your goals. You don’t give in, instead, you rise up with new resolve and you work your way back to the light and everything it holds for you. You, my friend, belong to the tribe of the Gritty & Resilient Stoics.


You know this bad patch is not forever, you know it’s a part of life, you think – maybe it’s a lesson, maybe it will teach you to appreciate things you’ve taken for granted in the past and help you see certain things differently, like no one else can. You’re also a realist — you’ve accepted what’s happening as a part of life too along with all the good and recognize that it will help you become stronger.

You’re self-reliant, you draw from your spiritual core – that safe place inside of you that gives you the first push forward after you fall. You are stubbornly persistent, have a dogged determination driven by your purpose in life. The support and encouragement you have during this time of crisis is a soothing salve but it’s that safe, strong inner place within you that really pushes you, goading you on telling you “you can do it.”. You know, you can either dwell on everything that has gone wrong and stay there, and let opportunities pass you by or you can use this obstacle as a launching pad for growth. The tornadoes of chaos and failures spin and whirl all around you and what you realize in that moment is that you can’t control it. But, what you can control is your mind, your beliefs, your thoughts – so you, my friend, pull yourself together, for you belong to the tribe of the gritty, resilient stoic.

Never thought of yourself as a gritty, resilient stoic, did you? The founder of Stoicism was Zeno who lived and taught in Athens around 300 BC. It was a highly volatile and chaotic period in Greek history, which gave rise to Stoicism – a time when they were being conquered by foreign empires. Stoicism is knowing that sometimes you can’t stop chaos, failures, wars and such from taking place.  Because, no matter how much in control we are of situations and things, there are occasions when things just spin out of control. But the one thing we can do is control ourselves, our minds, thoughts and beliefs. So you, who is a wise, gritty, resilient stoic, face things head on and take control of your mind and thoughts, accepting that there’s a time for everything – a time to weep and a time to pick up the pieces, look forward and move on towards your goals, dreams, purpose.