Blogging 101: Dream Reader – One Of An Unique Tribe

Blogging 101: Dream Reader

I’m a day late on this assignment but I’ve got to get it done anyway. Lots of great tips on this page, tells you how to embed tweets, Instagram and Pinterest photos into your blog etc.

For this assignment we were asked to describe our dream reader, here’s a letter to my dream reader, please feel free to reply, post comments, add to it and join my blog, especially if the description fits you:). Thanks in advance.


Dear Dream Reader,

You’re a mother, a lawyer, an entrepreneur, a student, a hippie disguised as a fashionista, an avid mountaineer-environmentalist, I could go on with this list. You’re curious, love trying new things, learning new things, tasting new foods, exploring cultures and places…your curiosity and thirst for knowledge drives you.

You have strong opinions but also truly listen to the opinions of others because you know it’s what makes this world more interesting – differing opinions are like turning the light bulb of insight and wisdom on.

You’re someone that inspires others and seeks inspiration in the world around you because you know you need to keep your cup of inspiration full. You’re also inspired by beauty and details that skip many eyes, you feel fortunate to be able to enjoy what others miss.

You sometimes fall but you rise again for you know like Confucius said “our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall.” You lean on the reserves of your strength and slowly fill it back up with the positives in people, stories and the world around you.

You’re a change agent, you believe in the progress of humanity and the world, you’re an early adopter of new and innovative ideas. But sometimes, you’re a contradiction of sorts  and people might call you crazy, but that tiny bit of crazy is what makes you different and interesting.

You get excited by the new things you’ve learned and the places you’ve been to and want to share it with everyone. If someone needs a helping hand, you’re not the type to hesitate, the only thing that might make you do so is the wall of your own shyness…

There’s more to be said but you get my drift…So dream reader never stop learning and growing and never never give up your curiosity, you’re one of an unique tribe.


– R.J.

p.s. Here’s a photo to I’d like to share with you, dream reader, from this morning when the water was half white and half blue, you’ll notice why that is. I know you’ll appreciate it.