Writing 101: Unlock the Mind

Yes, I’m about to unlock my mind with the key you gave me. I’m not sure which door it’s going to open, the next 20 minutes will reveal the answer. Am I going to wander into the room that holds my love of nature and beauty, or perhaps the one that holds my memory box, or that room in the corner where I lay down and curl up when I’m sad, or my room of refuge where I gather my strength and courage after a fall…I will know soon.

I place the key in the lock and turn it slowly. Everything looks fresh, untouched by the grime of experiences and it’s many sidekicks good and bad. I draw open a curtain of gold gossamer silken light at the far end of the hallway and enter a library with a door that opens out into a garden. I walk across and out into the garden.

The ground has been prepared for the next season’s plantings, there’s a cobbled pathway at the end of which stands a garden gnome holding a sign that says “new beginnings.”

I reflect on all my yesterdays and the obstacles I’ve faced semi-bravely, falling, rising, looking ahead to tomorrow with the resoluteness of a stoic. Now tomorrow’s here as the gift of today prompting me to plant the seeds of a new season and see what flowers will bloom.