Monthly Archive: November, 2013

Same Sky Different Days

Crowdfunding, Part 2

  Equity & Loan Based Crowdfunding – where you can get personal loans from investors at lower rates than banks, but yes of course it depends on your credit score and history.… Continue reading

Crowdfunding, Part 1

Standard crowdfunding started out as donation-based fundraising for businesses or creative projects via an online funding platform. Project creators set a fundraising goal and deadline, donors donate and the crowd funding platform charges… Continue reading

Visitors at the Beach

This little bird was a funny little fellow, chasing something, must have been little sand crabs that were swinging back and forth on the gentle waves, it seemed like he was doing this… Continue reading

Images From November 1

These are images from a day where the most exciting part was when we went on a submarine ride, I expected something more spectacular, thanks to all the documentaries and animated movies I’ve… Continue reading

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