Inspired By a Sun Conure!

I came across this playful little fella at the pet store with a disposition as flamboyant as his feathery coat. He tugged at my heartstrings, got me thinking:

I must have that birdie at the window

The one with the goofy disposition

So cheery and stunning like the sun!

OMG, I was so tempted to just get  him out of there! Sadly it wasn’t going to happen because of many practical reasons that dictate otherwise including the fact that we have a dog and cat which need our attention too. But someday soon we will have to add a bird or two to our mix of pets! So I went home and did some research on the species and wanted to document what I found as a reminder of a pet to have in the future.

Scientific Name: Aratinga Solstitialis

Common Names: Sun Parakeet, Yellow Conure

Native To: Brazil and Guyana

Size: About 12″

Lifespan: 15-30 years

Sun Conures are loving and friendly little birds that need attention. So with lots of love and TLC, proper training and socialization, Sun Conures will make charming companions that are sure to brighten your life!

Sun Conures’ first baby feathers are olive green, changing to a mixture of yellowish-orange at about 6 months. At maturity, a Sun Conure sports a stunning mix of bright yellow, red, orange, green and blue. They grow into their full color plumage at approximately a year old. They have black beaks and feet and characteristic white patches around each eye.

In the wild, Sun Conures mainly feast on fruit, nuts and seeds, but in captivity they do best on a balanced pelleted diet. Like other companion birds, they need and appreciate treats such as fruit, vegetable, seed or nut snacks! Exercise is important. Sun Conures are by nature very active and need adequate space to fly, explore and play. So your Sun Conure should be allowed enough time out of his cage. Bigger the better but a good rule of thumb is to buy a cage no smaller than 20 x 20 x 24. Of if you can afford an aviary, that would be ideal!

Many Conures become screamers if they are neglected, and some resort to destructive behavior if left unstimulated. This is really sad, so please don’t buy a bird on impulse, only get one if you think you can make it truly happy. Just get a plush Angry Bird instead. They also have a loud shrill voice to let you know if anything’s amiss. So, they may not be the right choice of bird if you live in an apartment where it’s voice may carry over easily and annoy the neighbors or even you.

The Sun Conure is naturally playful and affectionate making it especially suited for companionship. Being very social birds, they may not be the best choice for those who have little time to spend with a pet. But if the opposite is true, add some feathery sunshine to your life! I can’t wait.