Let the Music Play..

Here I share some amazing aural discoveries made over a cup of tea yesterday morning. They are all off of my subscription to KEXP, who always feature incredibly talented artists. Thanks to the Internet for bringing awesome music my way!

KEXP-FM (90.3FM) is a public radio station based in Seattle, Washington. You can also listen to them online at kexp.org or subscribe to them on youtube. KEXP provides rich music experiences on the air and online.

Austra – Home

Austra is a Canadian electronic music band from Toronto, formed in 2009. Austra’s debut album Feel It Break was released in 2011, which was shortlisted for the 2011 Polaris Music Prize. Feel It Break was included on several year-end critics’ lists. Their second album Olympia was released in June 2013, from which the first single Home was released in March 2013. Home combines dramatic instrumental arrangements and a catchy beat with Katie Stelmanis unique voice. Stand up and dance!

Matt Pond – Love to Get Used

Matt Pond PA is a band based in New York formed in Philadelphia by singer-songwriter Matt Pond. Pond has been the only consistent member, although Chris Hansen is considered to be the core member of the group. They often collaborate with other musicians to achieve their varied instrumentation and expansive sound.


I’m blown away by how uniquely creative Grimes’ aka Claire Boucher’s work is, it’s like walking into a magical space with beautiful music wafting in and swirling around you in perfect harmony with sounds and tones that may even sound familiar at times…mind bending! It’s the kind of music you really can’t put into a box, with dramatic and frequent twists and her delicate voice holds it all together

Bonobo (featuring Szjerdene on vocals)

I’m a huge fan of Bonobo, the musician not the monkey! He’s one of the best downbeat producer-artists around, a master of electronic tone and musical atmosphere that crosses genres – cinematic chill-out to trip hop to neo-jazz…