Life Begins at the End of Your Comfort Zone

You work a job you hate, you’re stuck in a relationship everyone knows you shouldn’t be in and you’ve managed to fool yourself that yes, it’s love and you can’t give up…when underneath the surface of love lies so many things you know aren’t right. And as for the job – the economy is bad, you’re on your way up and the money is good and you consider yourself just lucky to even have a job. Life is easy and comfortable, you’ve arrived, settled in. How often is it that we’re so reluctant to get off the complacency couch?

There’s a reason they say fortune favors the brave! Everyone out there that needs that extra push, come on, get up and do what you’ve got to do, if you’re unhappy but comfortable where you’re at, it’s time for a change, give yourself a kick in the butt and get going. Jump in, life is an adventure, everything you’ve wanted is just around the bend, how will you find it if you don’t get going on your journey, if you don’t make changes? Remember life begins at the end of your comfort zone (N.D. Walsch).