Monthly Archive: April, 2013

Look & You Will See

When we open ourselves up to really seeing beauty it jumps out at us almost out of nowhere and adds an extra special something to life! Unedited photo of a canopy, it was… Continue reading

The Black-crowned Night Heron (‘Auku‘u) Fishing at Dusk

The ‘Auku‘u or black-crowned night Heron is a stealthy tiger among water birds, it waits along the water’s edge to ambush prey, mostly at dusk and dawn. This was the first time I… Continue reading

Sweet Sleep

Sleep is something a lot of us take for granted… At the end of the day, we lay down in a warm cosy bed, close our eyes and fall asleep. It’s as easy… Continue reading

Pink & Red

Visitors at a Bird Feeder

A delightful sight at a bird feeder. They were a noisy bunch. The people who live in that house don’t mind I guess. Happy birds must evoke happy smiles.

Honey! Honey!

Raw honey, straight from the comb is as good as it gets! It’s sweetness in its purest form! Suck on the waxy comb to extract delicious liquid amber to give you a sugary… Continue reading

Beauty in Unexpected Places

You hear the word Hawai’i and your mind draws up images of pristine beaches, cool sea breezes, lush greenery all around… Wander beyond the tourist trappings and discover a place for what it… Continue reading

A Life of Gratitude…

When the responsibilities, dramas and stresses of living almost seem to be squeezing the joy out of life, it’s so  to easy to get beaten down and turn into someone you don’t like… Continue reading

Portraits of Some Dogs & Cats

Ciate the Pretty Lady Middle Aged and Grouchy Mud Heart Stealer Mana Gentle Apollo Cute Miki Ladies Man Kekoa Happy Lily Random Dog at the Park “I’m just a puppy” – Alan Grandpa… Continue reading

Curiosity Thy Name is a Pacific Golden Plover

I went to the marsh today to photograph the birds that call it their home. And this little guy comes running towards me on his twig-y legs, staring at me. I’d seen him… Continue reading

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