Papa & His Friends

My father, a retired salesman/business person is a happy guy. He spends his days being a busybody as usual – serving on the board of the Homeowner’s Association, being a good Samaritan (running errands for his friends who are in different stages of the sunset of their lives), dog sitting for another friend and so on.

He is an extremely sociable person with many really close friends. Most of his friendships are decades old – those friendships forged in school and college being the oldest. These are the friends he share/s/d unique friendships with. Whenever they meet up or talk on the phone – they goof around and break into peals of laughter like young boys – it was like they never grew up or grew old. They keep the flame of each other’s youth burning. My Pa is in his early 70s.

Over the years Pa has lost many friends. I don’t know what it must be like to lose cherished friends you’ve grown to love as brothers. Do you lay a piece of yourself to rest each time you say goodbye to a friend? Do you shut a door inside of you – that door to your memories and so much that you hold dear? Pa just lost his best friend (RIP Uncle) and my Ma said he got really quiet for the longest time when he heard the news – maybe he was spending some quiet time with his friend before he shut that door. I pray he finds solace in the sweet scent of memories that waft through…